2015: The Goals

Yep, it's another 'new year, new goals' kind of post. I'm hoping you all love having a nose at other people's aims for the new year as much as I do, and that you're not all sick of them, by now!
2014 was a pretty amazing year, for me; it was the year I graduated, reconnected with old friends, moved back to London, and started not one, but two new jobs...and, frankly, it's been one of the best (and hardest!) years of my life. Having said that, I'm making it my mission to improve everything for 2015, and keep going upwards. The best way to do that? Goals, goals, goals!
Life Goals:
1. Settle on an actual career goal. Whether it be in psychology, or merchandising, whatever...just research everything.
2. Travel to 3 new places. Whether it's cities, countries, or towns, abroad or in the UK, make 2015 the year you see more. 
3. Spend more non-work time with friends. Working late nights and being on your feet all day can be exhausting, but you'll feel better if you make more time for the people you care about. 
4. Read 30 books. 25 is my personal record.
5. Start eating meat again. Being anaemic is tough enough when you have iron in your diet, let alone when you don't. 
6. Save 50% of your pay check. Having a little money in the bank is never a bad thing. 
7. Step out of your comfort zone a little more. Most of the time, that's where the best things happen. 
8. Start journaling. It'll be nice to look over your life, in a couple of years' time. 
9. Go to at least 3 gigs. And remember to save the tickets!
10. Take more photographs. Instagram, Polaroids, fancy DSLR pictures, it all counts. 
Blog Goals:
1. Have a blog makeover. New domain, new banner, new design. 
2. Stay on top of blog emails. Working so much has meant that I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to my blog as I'd like, and I really need to manage my time a little better. 
3. Participate in #bbloggers and #lbloggers more. They nearly always clash with my work rotas or my travel time, but I can tweet on the bus home, right?
4. Branch out, into more 'lifestyle' posts. I already dabble in recipes, but I'd like to post a few more snapshots of the other things I get up to (when I'm not working, that is)! 
5. Start going to blogging events, again. See all the complaints about my work schedule. 
6. Get back into YouTube videos. I've dabbled a bit, on my channel, but I really haven't kept up with it, lately. Maybe 2015 will be the year of YouTube for me...!
What are your goals for 2015? Do you love reading over other peoples' goals as much as I do?
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Christmas '14 | Haul Post

Christmas present haul 2014 ft. miette, hummingbird, swarovski, benefit, viktor & rolf, lush
I know I'm not the only one who enjoys nosing around other bloggers' Christmas presents, this time of year, so I figured I'd throw together a little 'haul' post - even if it is nearly a week after the 'big day'. (Insert the usual disclaimer about not bragging, just sharing, here.)
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot, Lush Cosmetics Snow Fairy, Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon
I was very lucky, with the beauty gifts I got, this year; Lush's 'Snow Fairy' is my favourite seasonal beauty product ever, and it's always on my list for Santa, so I was pretty excited to unwrap this giant bottle.
Anyone who knows me (or reads my blog) probably knows about my obsession healthy interest with Benefit blushers, so their 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' is my idea of heaven. It's a selection of 6 of their best-selling blushers and bronzers, as well as a sample size of their 'Watts Up' highlighter, and I haven't stopped using it since I got it.
Having been a huge fan of Viktor & Rolf's 'Flowerbomb' ever since its release, I knew 'BonBon' was the one for me from the moment I caught a whiff of it in the perfume department at work - and I was definitely right.
Miette Bakery Cookbook and Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
It's no big secret that I'm a bit of an amateur baker (the evidence is in my archive), and both the Miette Bakery cookbook and The Hummingbird Bakery's latest release are welcome additions to my ever-expanding collection. Now I just have to find the time to actually bake...
Swarovski Stardust Double Bracelet in Vintage Rose with Rose Gold Clasp
Last but definitely not least, my favourite Christmas present this year ever: my beloved Swarovski Stardust bracelet! I've been in love with the Stardust collection ever since I saw Miranda Kerr in their Stardust campaign, so I could not have been more pleased when this arrived under the tree; this is the Vintage Rose 'Double' bracelet, but they come in a huge selection of colours, and in the single option, too.
What did Santa bring you for Christmas? Are you as nosey as I am when it comes to Christmas 'hauls'?
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